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America’s public lands are national treasures owned by all of us and held in trust for us and for future generations. All are welcome on public lands, no matter your background, no matter how much money you have - over 600 million acres of towering forests, rushing rivers, swaying grasslands and magical deserts are available to all Americans.
Our beautiful and vast public lands are reserved for the benefit of all so that everyone can appreciate these natural treasures. It is now our continuing responsibility to protect and manage these lands and their intrinsic value for future generations. More than 307 million people visited national parks last year, a new record high, and even more hiked, camped, fished, watched wildlife, and enjoyed other public lands like national forests and wildlife refuges. Our public lands are for all Americans today, tomorrow and beyond.
Sadly these special places are under attack – and we need your help to make sure these public lands remain in public hands.
Politicians in Washington, D.C., and state legislatures across the nation have proposed bills designed to hand over our public lands to the states or private developers. Their goal is simple: strip public lands of protection and turn them over for private exploitation.

However, we are already seeing the power of active involvement of citizen owners of public land, especially those who know and love them best.  Together, can make a big difference to ensure they are managed thoughtfully and sustainably for today and future generations.  When people speak on behalf of the places they care about, lawmakers listen. That's why we all need to stay informed, get engaged, and take action.

2017 greeted outdoors lovers with a dizzying flurry of public land bills – most of which are quite troubling. Current leadership nationally and some local elected politicians wish to turn back the clock on decades of progress in conservation and sound stewardship of our public lands. They want to open up to more of the harmful activities that science tells us pollutes our clean water and destroys habitat for fish and wildlife.

Here’s an overview of the 2017 legislation we’re tracking, and how we can stand together to protect our public lands. We'll provide updates on these bills as well as action alerts as they arise. To stay in loop, follow us on Facebook and become a member of KS Wild.  

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